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Wanna know a secret?

This blog was written, edited and scheduled at lunchtime on Thursday 10th December. That doesn’t mean it has any less value or worth. It was prepared in this way because I have started a new contract and, although my head is full of things to reflect on, I haven’t got used to a new routine yet. This is simply a mitigation in the event I don’t get time to produce anything else new this week.

Things that are in my head today (Thursday) include digital literacy, mentoring, mindset and attitude, events and conferences, and onboarding.

Rather than let these thoughts evaporate like mist, I’m using this post to plant a marker I can go back to again.

Why tell you this? Because people seem to think that writing a blog post every day is tough; it’s not – it just takes planning, preparation and a commitment to produce. This mindset can’t be taught, learnt or trained. It’s something that you have to do for yourself, or with a mentor (see what I did there?).

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