Contact + 30 days = action

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One of the problems adding your details to forums, events, webinars and publicity materials is the almost metronomic follow ups.

I did some things at the end of last year and, as if by magic, I received a flurry of emails a few weeks ago ‘following up’ on my initial contacts. It isn’t magic of course, it’s an automated algorithm from an integrated, data-driven software solution.

Yesterday, I got the 14 day follow-ups from these same contacts.

I get it.

I do.

Trying to generate business from a market event is tough; I spoke at an event a couple of months ago and I got the details of the people who I’d spoken to. The temptation to chase these people up as part of some kind of CRM system is SO tempting. But, as a recipient of these e-mails, almost entirely fruitless.

I’ve mentioned before my ‘hack’ for cleaning out marketing e-mail so the thought of putting people through the same as me seemed both pointless and unreasonable. I sent the people who’d been to my session a quick LinkedIn message and I’ve had a couple of replies. And that’s it. If they want what I do they’ll come back. To keep chasing is effort and time I don’t have and is unlikely to generate enough reward.

And people writing to me – my name is not ‘Andy’; if you want me to ignore you, just keep that up.

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