Away kit

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I have an irrational dislike of football (soccer) teams who wear an alternative shirt for no reason.

For example, on Saturday lunchtime Norwich City (yellow) were home to Middlesbrough (red). Except Boro didn’t wear red, they were in black and blue stripes.

It felt like they were just using it because they had it and wanted to get your money’s worth.

Does the same apply to learning technologies that we use because we have them, not because they’re necessary?

One thought on “Away kit

  1. Technology is brilliant, except when it is overused. Powerpoint can be broken up, and “death by Powerpoint” avoided, by using actual visual aids rather than slides depicting them. Hence, if you are mentioning a newspaper, a book or a can of Coke, hold up an actual example rather than showing an image of one on a slide. This even works with a webcam.

    In the days before Powerpoint, such visual aids were widely used as they saved the incredibly laborious process of transferring an image onto an acetate to use with your OHP !


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