Gratitude takes time

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I spent most on Sunday morning hand writing out thank you cards and preparing them to be posted to the guests on the Women Talking About Learning Podcast. Add together the cost of the cards, keepsakes, postage and miscellaneous bits it comes to 10s of £. Timewise, it was a good couple of hours of my morning when I could have been laying in, out running or gaming.

But it’s good I took time out to thank people fully.

A glib ‘thanks’ doesn’t have meaning when you hear it again and again and again.

I’ve mentioned before about pirate management and the importance of recognition, but people ‘know’ when you invest time in thanking them properly.

There’s no excuse not to.

One thought on “Gratitude takes time

  1. You have reminded me that I must make a donation. Although I am four episodes behind, I find the conversations interesting, fun and educational. A nice balance !

    Podcasts are great when travelling, so catch-up time will be when we’re out of lockdown. Please do keep them flowing.

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