What grinds my gears – stock photos

Photo by Marcus Aurelius on Pexels.com

Another in the occasional series where I have a little moan. This one was prompted by looking at a presentation and it hit pretty much every one of these tropes.

The smiles. Big beaming, white teeth. Everyone smiling at everyone. Someone help me please.

4 people sitting round a laptop, one of them pointing. It. Never. Happens.

Handshakes. Invariably white men, across a table, smiling.

Hands in general. Holding pens, typing, pointing, using a tablet.

Commerce is a shopping trolley. Or a pile of coins.

Powerful women are shown standing, usually leaning, arms crossed, looking directly at the camera.

Remote working is ALL about the Zoom call in stock picture land. And a kitchen, a bedroom or outdoor space. And coffee. Always coffee.

Lots of hands of different people all meeting together and photographed from the top down? That’s the diversity pic of course.

One thought on “What grinds my gears – stock photos

  1. “Commerce is a shopping trolley. Or a pile of coins”.

    Or if the conversation is on TV news and is about energy price rises, the photograph of a gas cooker will inevitably be retrieved from the archives.


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