A little book

One of the benefits of writing regularly is that you get into the habit of getting your thoughts into some form of order. That means when someone comes to you and asks you to write a book, you’re more prepared.

That’s what I thought anyway when I was asked by the Charity Learning Consortium to create a little book of performance consulting. The truth was that Susie Finch had to do a brilliant job to get my random and weird thoughts down into something that is competent and professional.

Thanks to every one who contributed to it and helped turn something random into something that (I think at least) is pretty good. You can get a copy for free from the CLC website.

If you read it (and I hope you do), please be gentle.

One thought on “A little book

  1. Just downloaded all six of their “Little Books…” series for offline reading later. They look useful. Thanks for the tip.


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