Slight return

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I was back in Central London again yesterday and it’s worth comparing the experience to a few months ago.

I mentioned it was quiet last time; it’s still quiet centrally but busier where I am – people seemed to be happier moving around in Walthamstow than Westminster.

Last time it was 98% male; this time it felt much more even – there may have been a majority of women around. With schools back, it may be that more women are able to get out to work again.

The adverts were all TfL before – they’re still there but the odd holiday ad is appearing. Not that there were many people to see them – the tube I was on was quiet, no need to stand, seats free for everyone.

More places were opening but they weren’t busy – shops were pretty empty, cafés less so.

The most noticeable difference was the lack of mask discipline. Few people wore masks correctly and many were using them as chin slings or mouth coverings only. There were many people without masks at all. I don’t ‘know’ they’re all exempt but it was more than 1 in 4.

As I said in February, things are going to be very different for a very long time.

One thought on “Slight return

  1. Interesting your comment re women being freer now schools are back. I wonder what the official stats are for men vs women taking the burden of childcare during lockdown? It’s clearly still a significant issue, if that was a major contributing factor. I’d be really interested to see a poll of reasons given for continuing to stay away month by month, broken down by gender.


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