Keeping Informed of Best Practices

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I was on a session last week with a group of other learning professionals. The session split into the following breakouts and we were asked to choose one to go into:

  1. Building a Digital Learning Culture
  2. Embedding Learning into the Flow of Work
  3. The Return of Face-to-Face Learning
  4. Keeping Informed of Best Practices
  5. Leadership & Management Development

There was only one choice for me – room 4.

We’re in a state of flux at present in learning. We know that what we’re doing now will have to change again in a few days, weeks, months again. Consequently, the obvious choice would be option 4 with the caveat that the discussion wouldn’t be ‘Best’ practice but accepted, new, or current practice.

Surprisingly, the room was the least attended; there were three of us there.

I’m curious as to why LnD seeks the operational at the expense of the tactical so often

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