…for learning

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We seem to hear the Netflix/YouTube/Spotify for learning a lot.

My favourite is the Uber for learning.

If you use the phrase, I WILL ask you how you’re going to respond to the following:

  • How are your agents and ’employees’ treated?
  • Who owns the content you’re shipping?
  • How is being associated with an organisation that lost a net £6.7 billion in 2020 a good reflection of your offer?

Be careful how you’re describing what you do. Your perception of it may be very different to how others see it.

One thought on “…for learning

  1. That middle bullet is important. How do you assert copyright ? And how would you enforce your copyright if the need arose, both within the UK and elsewhere ?

    What would you do if someone stole your intellectual property, repacked it and passed it off as their own ?


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