Daily practice

Photo by Ann Nekr on Pexels.com

Someone asked me the other week how I read all the stuff I do and it’s down to established daily routines.

I always check my Feedly streams twice a day – once early in the morning and once early afternoon. I can skim read a dozen articles and put ones that need more reflection into Pocket to be caught up with later. I also make notes on what I read in WordPress – this is why I currently have over 50 drafts in there. Some of these ideas get written up into the daily posts you find each day. The posts are usually written a couple of days before publishing and can take many weeks of iteration. Some appear the next day because they’re simple. Many many more end up as notes, annotated links, or screenshots in Evernote.

All good to know but the follow up is usually, where did you find the time, or I couldn’t do it.

The truth is, you can if you want to.

Know why you’re doing it, remove the boundaries that will stop it happening, e.g., book time out in your calendar, and track your progress to remain accountable to yourself.

My accountability is these blog posts; if I wasn’t seeking new information, they’d simply be reiterations of what I’ve done before.


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