Grey rhino problem

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A grey rhino problem is described as:

…a metaphor for missing the big, obvious thing that’s coming at you

Michele Wucker

For many people in the learning field, the move to online, remote and hybrid was a grey rhino problem. It trampled some people while others got on its back and rode it out.

What’s the next grey rhino problem for LnD?

2 thoughts on “Grey rhino problem

  1. I’m going to suggest Digital Support as an on-demand, just-in-time thing, rather than giving training sessions. The likes of context-specific buttons or links, glossaries, stuff that doesn’t require a human every time. I’m still seeing a lot of “let’s pop a quick meeting in and I’ll show you” or “contact X person if you need help”, which only ever helps one person. Capture that somewhere easy-to-find, and get people in the habit of going to that first.


    1. I should add: I mean this in the context of increased digitalisation of systems, platforms and content. Training’s great as a starter, but it fades quickly, and people need to be able to grab and go at point of issue. The human option isn’t sustainable.


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