No Great Return

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Restrictions in the UK are easing because of Covid. It’s not going to create a ‘Great Return’ though and I still think we’re going to be working in a hybrid way for a long time to come. As I’ve said before, if our knowledge work is hybrid, our learning will be hybrid.

We’re beginning to get our heads round how to use technology differently, and effective working practices is beginning to settle. I still see learning teams struggling to balance the expectations from their sponsors with the technology they have. This means thinking creatively becomes even more necessary.

Add in to the mix that reskilling and upskilling remain high on many learning managers’ agenda, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the complexity of the landscape. Through this noise, we need to recognise the signal. I published a podcast with 5App a few weeks ago which starts to look into this.

The conversation was so good I’ll be facilitating a webinar with a couple of the guests – Trish Uhl, Gemma Paterson – and Duncan Barrett from 5App on February 10th at 2pm GMT and would love you to join in and try and help you work through these difficult times.

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