Get with it grand-dad


I read this article last week about how someone had developed a way to tap into Zoom’s “Breakout Rooms” API to create speed networking online. My immediate reaction was that this was cheesy, exploitative, wrong, and unworkable. One small problem – I hadn’t even read the article at this point.

Why did I react like that? At a base level, I didn’t identify with the product and wouldn’t be the target audience. I crave connection on my terms and this immediately felt uncomfortable.

Of course there’s a market for this.

Of course there are people with limited networks who want – and NEED – opportunities to network with other people online.

Of course innovation is about development of existing technologies.

Note to self – the right pace means pausing at the right time. #ItStartsWithMe

(And for people wondering whether I’d be acknowledging post 1000, you’re out of luck)

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