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I mentioned last week that the skills I’d be looking for a new LnD team would be a bit different. It ignited conversation on LinkedIn as people came up with other suggestions.

One thing which stood out was the number of references to behaviours. The need for empathy and caring for the development of people. When we start talking in those terms, we start crossing into the sphere of motivations.

What is it that motivates people to come to work in learning? In the past there was a definite ‘spotlight’ mentality from face to face trainers – I know I was one myself – but that seems to have diminished a little.

The desire to support and satisfaction in just helping people ‘be’ better also seems to be a driver for people wanting to work in learning.

I think there’s something in motivation now in saying no to non-learning requests as well. I’m not sure I can verbalize it fully yet but the resilience to be strong in identifying business problems as being worked on by the business and not just ‘doing training’ is part of my thoughts.

What about you?

What are the motivations, principles, and values which you would expect to find in a learning team now?

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