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Just over a year ago we ran a special episode of the Women Talking About Learning podcast. All about feeling like an imposter, we were supported by 25 women who spoke about what it meant to feel like an imposter in society, culture and the workplace.

It was overwhelmingly the most listened to episode of the podcast and people still listen to it now.

We want to repeat the exercise again but this time we want to record ‘The Confidence One’.

As like last time, we want women to send in their thoughts about confidence, and we’re really keen this time to make this celebratory, inspiring, and joyful.

It’s really simple – think about confidence and make a 3 minute audio recording. It doesn’t have to be professional audio but we need to be able to hear your voice! If you’re stuck about what you might speak about, here are a few ideas:

  • What confidence has encouraged you to do
  • When you’ve inspired it in others
  • When others – especially women – have inspired it in you
  • What happens when you feel confident
  • How you’ve embraced confidence
  • Who inspires you to feel more confident

Record an mp3, making sure you say your name first, or if you wish, say you’re anonymous, and send it to us

If you want help recording, please let us know and we’ll help you out.

We’re planning to release this episode in time for Learning Technologies on 3rd May so we will need your contributions by Monday 25th April at the latest.

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