I’m learning through failure

Photo by the author

Since I was small I’ve wanted to take good photographs. The introduction of better camera phones made it much easier to take decent pictures but I’ve always had an itch about photography. Seeing work by people like the brilliant Paul Clarke has me in awe so I decided, after 45 years of waiting, get a ‘proper’ camera with a proper lens.

Just look at the pictures here for example – they’re amazing.

I knew* nothing about f-stops, ISO, shutter speeds or white balance but I’m ready to learn.

*This is now next to nothing.

I also know I’ll make hundreds and thousands of errors while I work out how to get better. A look through the 100 or so photos I’ve taken over the last week or so proves this. There are about 3 I’m totally happy with.

Maybe I won’t get better.

If I do though, it’ll be because I learnt.

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