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I’m really lucky to be able to talk to lots of people about strategy and tactics in learning. I often hear from people who want to understand the principles and philosophies behind learning and how they’re translated into activity. These are the topics I love but I am a bit detached from the front line sometimes.

I rarely get the opportunity to speak to people about delivery so am really pleased to be speaking with Steve Thompson, Senior Director Learning and Talent Development at Greystar, in a couple of weeks time*.

Luckily I’ve managed to grab him for a webinar with 5App which you can also join. I’ve loads I want to ask about how he was able to respond to the challenges of lockdown and hybrid working.

What might you want to ask about delivery at pace? Let me know here or register for the session.

I’m really looking forward to this session so please do join us on 14th July at 14:00 BST.

*For people wondering, this panel was meant to be balanced by gender – something I’m committed to. Regretfully we a number of speakers at short notice but please be fully aware, this is a one-off and normal service will be resumed imminently.

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