50th anniversary

Photo by Courtney Pindling on Pexels.com

In a couple of week’s time we’ll be publishing the 50th episode of the Women Talking About Learning podcast and we want to celebrate a bit. To achieve this many episodes is something I am incredibly proud of and NEVER believed the podcast would find an audience of ten thousand downloads as it has.

We’re looking for speaker and listener contributions to make a compilation episode. If you’ve listened, been a guest, commented, or even turned it off, we would be chuffed if you would record a message for us.

We’re after anything you might want to say about the podcast but are keen to hear:
• Your experience of recording the podcast if you’ve been a speaker
• Your experiences of listening to the podcast
• Your favourite episodes
• Your favourite guests
• What you want to hear next

This isn’t just about stoking my ego – if you’ve got criticism and feedback, please do send that too.

We’re only after 2 minutes or so – we will edit them for length if they’re much longer. You can send it in any format you want – mp3, video, etc. to hello@llarn.com or to me via messaging on LinkedIn. Make sure to add your name at the start of the recording – you can leave it off if you want to remain anonymous. Closing date is close of play Friday 15th July.

We’re looking forward to your comments and suggestions!

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