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I purchased something for my work the other day and wish I hadn’t now. My complaint isn’t product related – it’s a decent product. Similarly, the price was good and massively discounted.

What’s annoying in the post purchase service, namely emails. I’ve had three emails thanking me for buying so far – that’s in 4 days. I’ve had three emails suggesting alternative add-ons, as well as two emails ‘checking-in’ and suggesting follow a few Social Media channels to keep updated.

If this is you, stop now. I ‘know’ they’re automated emails but you’re turning me off your brand quicker than you might have ever dreamed.

One thought on “Keep connected

  1. I get irritated by certain shopping websites that bombard you with pop-ups saying “129 people are looking at this item right now” or “927 of this item sold in the last 24 hours”. Absolutely guaranteed to make me look elsewhere.


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