Your world’s going to end

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Splash headline and urgency:

The solar system could collapse because of a passing star, scientists predict

Independent 12th July 2022

I read through the story for the blow by blow story of cataclysmic proportions. Lots of narrative about panic and ‘how something must be done’. The world’s going to end…what can – or will – we do?

Then read the last sentence:

[this] is “not an issue we need to worry about,” said Brown.

Independent 12th July 2022

I see this in workplace publications, podcast and webinar copy, articles and posts. Create a false imperative and urgency in the hope people will engage. You might get some new subscribers, viewers, readers, etc but you’re devaluing your brand when you do it.

I’m pretty certain there are very few events or articles which will change what you do immediately.

Don’t try and sell your product like that.

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