The ultimate user experience

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I think I’ve found the ultimate user experience.

I had to replace my Chromebook. After 4 years and thousands of hours, it’s only working if connected to the mains and, with 4Gb RAM, is struggling to manage the number of tasks I expect it to do. You know when you buy a Chromebook it’s got a limited shelf life and mine is gone in a few months.

I got a new device over the weekend and it took, in total, 20 minutes to be connected, updated, with all my icons pinned and ready to go. It runs exponentially faster, has a better screen and sound. By way of contrast, I have spent almost 30 hours this week trying to get my Windows laptop’s Outlook to work with my mail server.

Compare the new Chromebook to asking a user to stop using one system at work and run a new one. In the past, we will have produced guides, videos, gifs, workbooks and manuals for people to watch, use and – supposedly – learn. I got stuck on one thing and after a quick YouTube search, realised I’d seen it before and was able to fix it.

What do you need to do to create the ultimate user experience for your people?

2 thoughts on “The ultimate user experience

  1. It’s all about understanding the “customer” journey isn’t it? If I understand your journey, then I can create tools to help you move along. This goes with the acceptance that not all journeys are the same. Which is why I appreciate FAQ sites that start with the question, “What are you trying to do?” Then I know the odds of getting something helpful are with me.


  2. What a great question – I’m going to pin this to my monitor: “What do you need to create the ultimate user experience for your people?” And I like @Shannon Tipton’s point – not all journeys are the same.


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