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I saw a tweet last week where a social media influencer reported that another social media influencer had stopped following a rapper on Twitter. The problem for me was I didn’t know who either of the social media influencers were or who the rapper was.

You can call yourself an influencer but a) if people don’t know who you are and b) you don’t change anything, are you an influencer?

We see it in learning a bit. People with social media profiles and LinkedIn followings who believe they influence people. They post and get thousands of hits, comments and likes. It might be people know who they are but if nothing changes, what are they influencing? If the audience is the same all the time and nothing changes are they influential?

I’m not ‘in the loop’ of the three people mentioned at the start – I have no context or understanding about who they are.

We need to break the cycle of listening to people saying things but nothing changing. As beautifully described by Sukh Pabial here:

…we’re in a protected loop that we didn’t necessarily design.

Exposure to different thinking – Sukh Pabial

Make who you listen to, are influenced by, engage and interact with, a path you design. #ItStartsWithMe

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