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I saw a series of tweets by Arash Rezaei-Mazinani the other day which I’ve copied here:

Scrolling through LinkedIn can be exhausting at times. Especially when every post is how you’re doing L&D ‘wrong’. With that and the regular news it can feel a bit doom-scrolly rather than inspiring. Throw in the mix that not everyone may be in a position of influence to significantly swing things in their org. We get it. There’s loads L&D could be doing better. But why not put your money where your mouth is and actually share real life case studies of different sizes/budgets.

Arash Rezaei-Mazinani

It’s a brilliant challenge. So I asked how, when and where?

To counter my own argument there’s the learning tech awards showcase. But that’s small scale and the only example I could think of. A start would be LinkedIn/SM for ease to be amplified. Case studies is where my mind initially went, maybe we should demand it more. I don’t think people will naturally supply as it’s more effort, but I often think it’s a case of “there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking it”. We definitely need more evidence of what works.

It’s easy to say what something does in isolation, but explain to me how with a real life example. I also think that L&D’s tendency to chase the shiny thing could be leveraged. Not every L&D org can be innovators and aren’t immune to social proof. If you can say “look company ‘x,y, and z are doing ‘this’” maybe easier to adopt.

Arash Rezaei-Mazinani

I’m really keen to socialise this – do you need to see more case studies? What makes things work for you? Yesterday I posted about how we could do conference sessions differently – how do we get more examples out there like Arash asks?

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