Don’t just talk about it

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A few days a go I featured a series of tweets from Arash Mazinani about the lack of ‘real life’ and usable help for people in blog posts, articles, etc. and I asked him to follow it up:

Andrew’s last post shared a series of tweets I’d recently posted. In those tweets I’d expressed a challenge to the L&D industry to share more examples rather than simply thought leadership. You can check out Andrew’s last post to see exactly what I tweeted.

That post was also shared on LinkedIn, receiving a fair few replies.

The sentiment was positive towards what I’d said with most agreeing that case studies would be a big step forward in helping practitioners showcase and learn from one another. 

So the logical next question is now what?

Perhaps, it’s on us to challenge when we see people delivering the same messages over and over and ask for examples. 
Or maybe we take the plunge ourselves and bite the bullet and share? 
Perhaps ‘going first’ will lay the foundation for others to follow?

Arash Mazinani

I agree there is a need to challenge; ask for examples of how things have worked and the data behind them.

Sharing is essential. Look at what Harold Jarche has been saying for over 12 years – seek, sense, share. If you’re finding good stuff, working it out, but not sharing, you’re never going to move the needle.

Sticking you head above the parapet can be scary. If you want someone to walk with you, please let me know. I’m really lucky to have enough connections and networks, to find someone to be by your side.

As always, only you can decide to do something differently. #ItStartsWithMe

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