The doctor is in

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A year or so ago I started running clinics to support L&D people and realised the other week, following Arash’s post, they might be worth reviving. To correct this, I’ve scheduled two events in the next couple of months.

On November 24th I’ll be facilitating a session on Sketchnoting and using images in learning with Rachel Burnham. This session will be for people at all levels of artistic ability – it needs to be, I can’t draw! I’m looking forward to seeing how an active session like this can be delivered online. As always with the clinics, you need to bring yourself to the event – they’re not just places where the guests talk. Details of what we might cover are detailed in Rachel’s blog post.

On December 15th I’ll be working with Teresa Rose to look at how learning professionals can support and develop each other This is a response to the issues Arash identified and a kickstart to the community of practice Teresa wants to take forward.

Both events are free (I know right?), but spaces are limited. They’ll be conducted via Zoom and are a great way to get into something that might have been an issue for you recently.

Please do sign up and look forward to seeing you there.

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