Snow day

Snowy London street
Photo by Olga Lioncat on

There was snow in London on Sunday night. London generally struggles with snow; trains grind to a halt, schools close, people slide along ungritted pavements. You’d think we’d be more prepared for snow seeing as we get it most years, but that’s another conversation.

The difference with this snow day was how it seems to have been managed. In the past a school closed and that was it. Yesterday, teachers set work for their students and sent it to Google Classroom. Children were able to access resource and their teachers in virtual spaces and school continued.

In work, things were different. Monday is the most popular day to work from home and the increased capacity to work remotely as a result of the pandemic and lockdown meant productivity was impacted less than previously.

We’re living these changes now. Harking back to how things were won’t change it back to how things were – it will alienate you from how things will be.

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