Five Things You Don’t Want To Miss In 2023

2023 drawn in the sand
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Insert statement about how things are tough/challenging/hard.

Second paragraph about why 2023 will be the point in time to do stuff and create a sense of urgency.

Explain how the following things are going to make your life easier.

Comment about why you need to listen to this expert because they predicted something a few years ago.

  • First one is obvious and you could have predicted it.
  • The second was on the list last year but we haven’t solved it.
  • The next is a bit left field and seemingly unrelated to the issue.
  • This one makes sense of the last one with a subtle aha moment.
  • The last one is the one the list writer’s company can do something about.

Link to where the author does this stuff.

Be better than this.


One thought on “Five Things You Don’t Want To Miss In 2023

  1. I must apologise. I saw your header at the top of my feed reader this morning, and shut the tab immediately, taking it as a sign that “that phase” had started.

    QED. Couldn’t agree more. People have had enough of clickbait peddling.


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