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After an unexpected hiatus, we’re back recording new episodes of the Women Talking About Learning Podcast.

We’ve tidied up the admin, and booking is now being managed much more effectively by someone else – a woman of course.

The list of topics we want to cover is extensive and more have been added. Below are just a few of the topics which have been suggested:

  • The upskilling one
  • The procrastination one
  • The empathy one
  • The prejudice one
  • The succession one
  • The ethics one
  • The running a business one
  • The training an external audience one
  • The transition one
  • The human one
  • The learning organization one
  • The micro-credentials one
  • The changing careers one
  • The communication one
  • The jealousy one

If you want to be a guest, or know of people who want to be guests, please do get in touch. We’re following up with people who have asked us before but if we miss you, please do speak to us.

Feel free to comment below, or contact me through LinkedIn if that makes it easier.

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