Look back and save time

Close up of a yellow analogue dial up phone sitting on a white laminated table.
Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

I did something really strange in the week – I made a phone call.

I was talking about the Women Talking About Learning podcast and we weren’t on Zoom, Teams or video conferencing but on a phone.

It wasn’t a WhatsApp or Slack call – it was a proper call with numbers and everything.

It wasn’t a text based exchange with SMS, email, or messaging app – it was audio.

It wasn’t through social media via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – it was directly on personal devices, and not via the cloud.

Why did it feel so shocking? Probably because I can’t remember the last work call I made like this. The tech moves on, the channels widen and we forget the simple way of pressing a few buttons and being able to connect with someone immediately. We sorted what we needed to within 9 minutes and we were done. No follow ups, not documents to be sent, no shared screens, no you’re on mute, no emojis, no waiting for connections, no drops in Wi-Fi, no review pages after asking us to rate the quality of the connection.

Elegantly simple and shockingly easy. Maybe we need to reflect back on our learning design the same way?

One thought on “Look back and save time

  1. Learning delivery too and avoiding “death by PowerPoint”. Other visual aids can make a point too, like they did in the 1980s. When was the last time, in a presentation, you held up a newspaper, book, umbrella, calculator, drinking mug, whistle or suchlike to emphasise a statement ?


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