A new button

An overhead view of a hand on a laptop touchpad. The laptop is on a wooden desk next to a mobile phone. There is also a blank notepad and a pen nearby.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

There’s a new button being added to your systems. It’ll save people a ton of work but they need to know when to use it. Do you:

a) create a gif of a half dozen screen shots, annotate them and loop it so it shows what to do and when in the process, or

b) design a module on the new button, explaining what it does, why it’s there, the history of the button, how the button aligns with your organisation values, why the button is a particular hex code colour, ask people to complete a test about the button and then rate the module afterwards?

Yes these are extreme examples but if you’re doing b, maybe try and start focussing on creating more things like a.

One thought on “A new button

  1. It’s certainly a simple trap. It’s so easy to fall into the mindset of: “We must tell everyone about X – when / how can we talk to everyone about it, and how will we know they’ve listened?” rather than an outcomes focus of: “What minimum amount do people need to know in order to make best use of X?”.

    That said, I’ve had people physically click past a colossal onscreen banner informing them that a system was being upgraded and was offline, to try and log into said system, repeatedly (I know; I checked the system stats), and then report to us that the system was offline! I guess you can’t account for everyone…


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