A cobweb, covered in dew, seen in close up against an orange background.
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I’ve been accused of being ‘smart’, ‘clever’, and ‘knowing lots of good stuff’ in the past. They’re not labels I’m especially happy with but if they help people to find my place in their world, who am I to reject those titles. I can remember things but more importantly, I can remember the people who have told me things.

In the way we work now it’s not always about having knowledge, understanding and insight. Since information is ubiquitous, it’s less about the what and more about the who.

The people who ‘know’, the people who ‘do’, the people who can ‘explain’.

Assume that someone, somewhere knows the answer and spend your time creating connections, rather than finding out for yourself. You’ll be appreciated as much – if not more – for being able to connect people than just knowing ‘stuff’.

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