Not just another event

We’re about a month away from the Learning Technologies conference and exhibition in London and was reminded my approach to these kind of events events is very different now.

My mindset has changed.

Previously I would have attended and hoped to make some connections. I now use my time very differently since I realised it was about a couple of days of work, but of discrete and different work.

First of all, I have specific activities I need to make sure I’m available for. These are related to speaking and chairing so they go into my calendar as time-bound meetings with reminders, locations and all the associated admin. This is important because these can’t be allowed to go badly and they need to be prepared for. This will include time on stands with people I work with like the Learning Network.

Next up are the seminars and sessions I want to see. Again, these are meetings in my online calendar with the associated admin. Getting into seminars can be difficult at times, so make sure there’s plenty of time to get a seat at the important ones.

I also add in specific meetings I’ve arranged. I don’t accept sales meetings at events like Learning Technologies so don’t ask. The meetings I agree with are the ones where people have asked to see me to chew the fat, say hi, connect face to face, and just talk through what’s going on in their world.

The next times I put in my calendar are the times for happenstance. I’ll block time out to meander and wander through the exhibition looking out for people and seeing what is being displayed.

The last time to go in my calendar are rest stops. There will be thousands of people, making lots of noise. It’s easy to be over stimulated and taking time out to pause, reflect, rest and get off your feet is important.

What are you doing at Learning Technologies? Let me know in the comments.

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