Moving forwards

Children in astronaut uniforms on a step ladder pointing at something out of shot.
Photo by Amina Filkins on

I’d like to think the learning profession has a sense of forward momentum. The idea that we are moving forwards and, by extension, moving people forwards as well.

It requires a sense of forward thought and being able to describe where we will be in the future AND in a way everyone agrees.

If I’m an employee struggling to keep up with the current pace it’s going to be tough. How responsible is the learning function in making sure I can do what I need to do now?

For too long the learning profession’s performance is baked into the person’s performance at the learning event. If you want to be taken seriously you need to be judged by the individual’s performance in the workplace.

And if you don’t help that person improve, you’re have a responsibility to inform the line manager about their future.

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