Why do you do what you do?

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Photo by ALTEREDSNAPS on Pexels.com

I saw the results of a survey of 140+ L&D leads in the UK the other day. It was looking at the role Learning and Development plays in businesses, governments, and other organisations.

When presented with a list of the top 3 reasons these departments conducted training the response was:

  • Compliance/regulatory requirements – 50%
  • Improve the technical skills of the workforce – 49%
  • Support career development – 37%

A reminder, the number one reason employees are motivated to learn is “progress towards career goals” – LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2023.

The gaps between what we think we do, what we really do, and what people want us to do are the distances we need to cover to be able to properly be seen to be taken seriously by the organisational workforces we support.

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