At the end of the day, I’m over the sick parrot…

So, the 2 Manchester clubs have inflicted crushing defeats on the 2 North London Premiership clubs.

Irrespective of your thoughts about football, I’d love to know how the managers would approach the team talks with the players after the respective games.

I think I’d prefer to be Arsene than Harry tonight.  Milestone defeats like the one suffered by Arsenal are once in a lifetime and are a fabulous opportunity to look at the performance objectively.  Feeding back is more simple as the players themselves would expect to be able to identify their shortcomings.

Harry’s job is harder; he’s less likely to be adding personnel than the team at the other end of the Seven Sisters Road and for large parts of the game Spurs were competitive.  That makes the role of the coach tougher, identifying the odd errors that caused moments of chaos.

There are strategic and structural issues that Arsene Wenger needs to fix; Harry’s is a problem of skills and culture and they can be tougher to get right without a team commitment.

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