Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay

I used to work in for the fire brigade but I didn’t ever put out fires. People would still make suggestive comments about uniforms, poles and helmets. Really?

I used to work as a butcher and my girlfriend at the time was a vegetarian. ‘How does that work then?’ people would ask. They seemed to assume that my girlfriend wouldn’t want to be with me if I was handling dead flesh all day. Really?

I used to work in retail in a learning role but didn’t sell physical things; my role was to sell ideas to people. There was a form of transaction in a way but people still asked me how you’d sell a sofa and what discount I could get them. Really?

I work in a council but I haven’t emptied bins, I’m not in a union and haven’t been on strike. People still ask me (including my family) why I work in the public sector and if I’m a ‘loonie leftie’. Really?

I spoke to a someone recently who told me that their job as a manager was to get the tasks done; the fact they were a team manager with some 15 people below them didn’t seem to figure.

‘They’re not my problem’.

‘Their underperformance is a HR issue’.

‘It’s HR’s job to tackle them and manage them out’.

‘It’s not my job to teach them; that’s the training team’s job’.


One response to “Really?

  1. LOL – how come you and I meet the most interesting people of all. I had one manager say to me once that “you in L&D do the hairy fairy stuff – we do the real work here”.


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