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I love it when things align, like the satisfying click when a key bites into a lock. I saw it happen this week when Steve Wheeler tweeted about #blimage.

It’s a mash up of blog and image – you’re handed an image and create a blog from it. I decided to look through the #blimage feed and picked on the image above suggested by Michelle Parry-Slater.

I picked this image because I didn’t, at first, recognise where it is. Michelle describes Japan and its culture in her post so it was likely that’s where the image was from. In the pre-high speed internet past I’d have had a range of ways to find this out.

  • A visit to a library to look for books on Japanese architecture
  • A conversation with some Japanese friends
  • A discussion with the Japanese tourist board
  • Correspondence with the photographer

Now I right clicked on the image and called up the option ‘Search Google for this image’ from the context menu. 1.29 seconds later I had a list of 368 results suggesting it was most likely Himeji castle. A click later and I know that the castle is regarded as the finest surviving example of prototypical Japanese castle architecture, comprising a network of 83 buildings with advanced defensive systems from the feudal period.

Change the image search to a workplace query. It’s likely that there are still manuals and guides people can reference like a library – how up to date these are we don’t know and have to assume that someone has responsibility to maintain them.

You’ve probably got experts to have a conversation with – if they’re free and available when you need them to be.

There may be an external body you could discuss the issue with – assuming they’re also nearby or that you have some other way to get in touch with them and are willing to offer advice for free.

Perhaps a further dialogue with someone who’s presented the issue would help – it might work to a solution or may, in some cases, make it more difficult.

Alternatively, you could look it up on the internet in seconds. It might not be as satisfying as the other options but it is much more efficient. We now live in an environment where information search like this is ubiquitous – the challenge to L&D is to think about whether the solutions to the workplace query need to remain as they are or do we just accept that people will be happy to just look it up for themselves?

Fancy joining the #blimage challenge?

Create a blog post about learning from the image below and good luck!

Photo Credit: petukhov.anton via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: petukhov.anton via Compfight cc


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