4 responses to “It ain’t your problem

  1. 1. Because they pay us.
    2. Because they can be seen to be doing something without having to challenge/change anything.
    3. All roads lead back to L&D. If it’s a compliance problem then management need to be upskilled. If it’s a technical problem then someone needs to be trained in the process dealing with technical difficulties. I could go on.


  2. Ha…..said this before. Often the issue is more about performance and the manager, lead or other is not equipped to deal with the issue….. the big red L&D phone gets dialled…… I have a training issue…… OH REALLY are you sure…………


  3. “Most L&D problems are not training problems.” That I can agree with. But, training is not synonymous with learning and development.

    Maybe L&D teams need to grab these opportunities to be consultants and push for change in the way that L&D interacts with other teams. It takes a strong-willed change agent, but it is certainly possible.


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