If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old

Some time ago I wrote about barriers to innovation and had some focused discussions, particularly offline, with people who agreed with the sentiment but felt that the status quo of how L&D was set up would slow, limit, and even prevent innovation.

5 years later, we need to ask if there is anything limiting innovation in learning?

Temporally we are in the best time now with a challenge over our role and new technology to drive new practice.

Physically we’ve technology and channels we could only dream of.

Laterally there are examples everywhere of improved and developed practice.

Hierarchically we’re seeing the change from professional bodies.

If it’s not being limited, why does it feel little is changing in learning?

4 thoughts on “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old

  1. Too many too scared to change their practice?

    Too many nodding their heads without understanding?

    Too many just want to deliver what the business is asking for without actually challenging?

    Too many vendors just selling what’s being asked for?

    Too many waiting for a senior position of some sort waiting to have an authoritative voice?

    Not enough people genuinely showing how things can be done better/differently even though there’s lots of them?

    Not enough people accepting their own thinking of doing more/differently and just keeping the status quo?

    Not enough people just trying stuff and experimenting even though they have everything available to them?


  2. Some v good points in article and here. One issues I’ve seen raised recently is the current fad of being “customer centric.” Providing what the business wants/what firms want to purchase without challenge is being customer centric. So when we do something different can be hard.


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