I recently saw a question on Twitter by Steve Wheeler asking what would be the ‘weapon of choice’ for education.

I wondered what I might choose if the question was aimed at workplace learning. After perhaps 2 seconds consideration, I chose the mobile phone.

It’s a multi-function device which can be :

  • a still camera
  • a video camera
  • an audio recorder
  • a communication tool via voice and text channels
  • an encyclopedia
  • a calendar
  • a GPS device
  • a radio
  • a television
  • a clock
  • a notepad
  • a payment card

It provides just in time access to users in almost any environment. It is capable of being personalised extensively, with common functions which can be learnt in moments. The experience is, in the most part, intuitive and design ubiquitous. Most importantly, the diverse range of brands means that proprietary elements have been reduced to 2 ecosystems which offer almost identical functionality.

If not a mobile phone, what would be your ‘weapon of choice’ for workplace learning?

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