There are key events in a calendar year – the New Year, Easter, Spring Bank Holidays, the summer break, back to school, Hallowe’en, Remembrance, Christmas. They’re cyclical, always happening, always at the same time of year, always similar. My events will be the same as yours but different.

At Christmas, my family open presents first thing in the morning, before dinner and even breakfast. Each in a corner of a room, opening gifts in turn. My brother’s family wait until after the Christmas meal to open gifts, but we’re both celebrating Christmas.

We have the same rituals but operate under different patterns. In organisations, common rituals happen every day in different parts of the business but the patterns will be different.

Learning tends to take the role on of making the rituals consistent. The smart learning functions will recognise the similarities and differences in the patterns though. They’ll make sure that their support reflects the need to accommodate the pattern, as much as the consistent practice.

Are you aware of the pattern of the rituals, as much as the rituals themselves?

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