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We’re in a world where we are able to track so much more of what we do online.

Some employers can:

  • Monitor the books employees download from our LMS.
  • Check the use of the online resources in our learning platforms.
  • Check the junk folders to see which emails employees deleted while preparing them.
  • Monitor the time emails sit in a person’s inbox unread or unactioned.
  • Track entry and exit times from the office and office systems.
  • Record people’s phone conversations with our customers.
  • Look at internet usage, sites visited, duration and links clicked.
  • Install keyloggers to see what else people may write on our systems.
  • Track employees location via the GPS in their work mobile.
  • See what people have purchased to eat from a canteen using a work account.

When does this access to people’s lives begin to feel uncomfortable?

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