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I’ve mentioned podcasts before on here and I have a fundamental belief that they are changing how we can support people to learn. I saw this piece last week which shows exactly how exceptional the take up of podcasts has become.

Almost half US internet users listen to a podcast at least once a month. Translate this into your business and your comms team would LOVE to get that amount of engagement with your workforce.

Nearly 9 in 10 of all listeners listen to most or all the podcast they listen to. How would your learning teams feel if their curated content was accessed like that on a regular basis?

That doesn’t mean creating a new podcast though; use the hundreds of thousands of assets that exist already. If one doesn’t exist for your topic area – it’s too specific, technical or specialised – then a series of simple recorded interviews can be really effective. They’re easy to record and can be hosted easily on internal platforms as mp3 files

If you’re not thinking about how to utilise podcasts in your learning offer, you’re already behind the curve.

3 thoughts on “Listen here

  1. Hi Craig, totally depends what people are looking for.

    For general management support, I recommend TED radio hour, Revisionist History and The Bottom Line. I’ve also started listening to Boss Level which seems very good.

    For learning specific content, Learning Now Radio, Good Practice and CIPD.

    I also like Tim Ferriss for his guests. For marketing then Seth Godin’s Akimbo is excellent.

    BBC Analysis and the RSA podcast are excellent general business podcasts.

    The Accidental Creative has interesting interviews about creativity in an art space.


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