So what?

I started blogging on a daily basis 4 months ago and here are a few reflections:

  • It has had an effect in how I review each day. I look forward to finding something meaningful to ponder.
  • People like the rants. The posts where I’m angry about something are more read and shared.
  • Monday is a catch up day for people; you read more posts on a Monday than other days.
  • There always something to write about and although I thought I’d get repetitive in thought, I find new things all the time.
  • It’s habit forming.
  • Short form blogging still takes time to produce. I’ve improved as an editor.
  • Planning a week of blog posts in advance is the wrong way to do it. By all means working out themes is fine (34 drafts and counting), but the immediacy of the posts makes them more authentic.
  • The appreciation I feel for people who read, like and comment can’t be overstated. When people tell me they read one of the blogs and it made them feel x or y, it’s incredibly overwhelming.

Thank you for reading and sharing my ramblings.

2 thoughts on “So what?

  1. Great insights into blogging, thanks Andrew. I’ve been sending out a little bit of my next book in a weekly email to people on my list, and it’s been a great discipline. They are in a funnel so I have to write email without fail – so I’ve written the whole book in short weekly segments! No idea how you’ve managed to blog everyday for 4 months, I am very impressed.

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