Standing in the start pen

Inspired by Karen Teago’s post the other day this is what it felt like yesterday morning.

45 minutes to go
Multicoloured spandex in every shade.

The smell of Ralgex.

Nervous laughter as people make the same jokes.

Was that too much or too little water beforehand?

A clichéd running playlist blasts through the speakers and people sing along.

I keep my headphones on and listen to a podcast to take my mind off the fact I’m about to run 13 miles. Again. Do NOT ask yourself why you do this. Take the thought away.

30 minutes to go

Panicky toilet queues. Good job you went earlier.

Adjust your headphones for the 15th time.

Was that too much or too little water?

15 minutes to go

They’ve started at the front. The crowd moves forward.

Self-deprecated humour as people put themselves down.

Help the nervous people – yes I’ve run it before, no it’s pretty flat, yes the crowd are great, you’ll be fine, enjoy it.

Was that too much or too little water?

5 minutes to go

Nervously jiggling your legs to keep them moving, keeping warm, getting the nervous energy out.

See a friend!

Shout positive encouragement

Was that too much or too little water?

You’ve started


You’ve finished

In the end, my headphones stopped working at 5 miles and I couldn’t get them working again. It was the right amount of water beforehand and well managed on the run. The medal’s great.

The next half marathon is in mid-May, training starts tomorrow.

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