What grinds my gears – technology

Another in the series…

Why do my Bluetooth headphones forget the connection to my mobile phone when I’m 45 minutes into a half marathon and then refuse to re-connect?

Your. Platform. Won’t. Do. Everything. I. Want. Stop pretending.

Landscape image, rotate phone, image rotates.

Passwords – At least 8 Ch@racter5 and one you haven’t used in the last 25 years (and it can’t include your name, the platform name or any derivative of those 2).

Streaming on WiFi and then it drops. For 1 second. And pauses. And you have to reset the stream and skip forward to where you were.

We. Don’t. All. Have. Apple. Devices.

I’m glad you like your phone. I like mine. No I won’t get yours in the future. I don’t care how good it is, I will never get a phone from a company which sponsors a football team I dislike. (Yes it’s petty. Yes I know.)

I already have email, Yammer, Teams, Skype, Twitter, Slack, LinkedIn, Slido. Why will the addition of another channel (which you’re advocating) make my life easier?

AI is not all about robots.

I don’t want an internet connected fridge, however much you think I might.

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