Innovation sucks

Are we really as innovative as we like to think we are?

As a result, what has emerged in every domain are “intellectual cliques,” composed of curriculum developers, teachers, and the best students in that subject area. Their brains are all wired consistently with each other. Just as members of a social clique often are unaware of the degree to which they easily understand and communicate with each other to the exclusion of those outside the group, members of these intellectual cliques are often unaware of the extent to which their shared patterns of thinking exclude those with strengths in other kinds of intelligences.

Clayton Christensen – Disrupting Class

Which cliques are you a member of?

How do you know?

One thought on “Innovation sucks

  1. Birds of a feather…….it’s true, they flock together. The purpose of a club is exactly to bring likeminded people together. Why, for example, would you ask rugby players to join your golf club if they prefer to play think and breathe rugby. (ETc.for all other club types!) All through history ‘free thinkers’ have been shunned (and in many cases burned at the stake) by the ‘establishment’. When these ‘disrupters’ (shall we call them) arrive, the establishment rejects and despises them precisely for NOT being establishment. Its not only predictable but entirely proven over thousands of years. How can you prevent it? Perhaps the free thinkers have to find better ways of telling the establishment that they are redundant and cliquey! Being free thinkers of course…they wont! QED.


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