3 stars

Someone rated yesterday’s blog post with 3 stars. There was no other feedback, no comment, no question, no discussion, no context, no name.

  • Did they like it?
  • Did they not like it?
  • Does it matter?

The rating will have meaning for the individual but, without additional information, is pretty meaningless for me.

Is the sense of control we pass to the user the reason we are wedded to happy sheets at learning events?  We give people the illusion of control by suggesting they’re feeding back.

We could use this low level data but unless it’s validated in another way, can be ignored. I’ll hope for 4 stars next time to bring my average up.


4 thoughts on “3 stars

  1. Well I felt compelled to rate (I think for the first time!) and comment! I rated this blog a 5 as I would most of your blogs because I really like these short form blogs because they plant a seed which I often ponder on through the day.


  2. Andrew I have rated this 5 stars. Simply because each time I read one of your blogs, I go ah yes that’s what I should be doing 👍


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