Breaking the law

I was able to spend a super day with some great tweeps* on Saturday. We were helping out at an event which I’ll write about later.

I met up with Simon Heath and Phil Willcox at lunchtime and we went for a walk – it was a beautiful day so why not?

We walked across the grass, off the path, creating our own route. We were the only people to walk over the grass and Simon noticed that everyone else was walking on the path. We talked about desire lines and how we were ‘breaking the law’.

Until, after a few moments, someone followed our lead and wandered across the grass.

This TED video shows the power of the first follower.

The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader.

Derek Sivers

I’ve said #ItStartsWithMe for a short time now. What people don’t always get though is that it doesn’t mean you have to be the person to start something. You are more powerful being the first follower.

*Twitter people…people you may have met on Twitter first, before meeting in real life

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