Authentic work

Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

In the third post about the elements of the 4 shifts in learning, which I posted last week.

In this shift, LnD needs to make sure that people who are learning are doing so away from siloed environments. What we often see is analogue (and some virtual) classrooms, separated from the day to day business activity.

I get why people want to be away from their workspace. The time away from the grind is often appreciated in itself, giving people the space to reflect and think. If this is what our classroom activity did then there wouldn’t be a problem, but we attempt to lever in extra content and information and end up overloading and confusing.

Establishing interactive networks which people can use to test their thinking should become the new safe spaces. Giving space to people to bring authentic problems will encourage more openness and honesty and likely lead to more authentic answers.

Just doing this on its own is meaningless without the previous 2 shifts though. Thinking more deeply about your design and providing agency to people to give them the freedom to practice is essential if you really believe in authentic work.

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